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A goodie bag that contains various useless yet irreplaceable items packed into a dufflebag, usually given at parties or by sponsers. Sometimes just useless house-hold items with a brand-name insignia on them
"Our sponsers left us a Swag Bag full of cool merch, such as one-zie pajamas" - Mark, Real World Road Rules Challenge Challenge
by StealthStorm67 July 20, 2009
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1. noun-the act of having phenomenal swagger, but also being a douchebag

2. verb-the wearing of the brand tapout
FRIEND 1: hey man nice threads, i like your swagger
FRIEND 2: shutup idiot
FRIEND 1:wow you are such a swagbag
by fanous November 22, 2010
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When a person wheres an article of clothing that actually says the word swag on it. Anyone who does this is naturally a douchebag.
Laura: Hey Mindy. Did you see that swagbag come out of the bathroom?

Mindy: Yeah. Doesn't he know everyone is making fun of him.
by cambronshinn April 07, 2013
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(n) a term used to describe the cocky douche-bags who use the term "swag" constantly
If i hear the word "swag" one more time im gonna punch one of these swag-bags in the throat!
by Mr.Washy! February 23, 2011
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Similar to the phraseIn my Bag, and Swag. Refers specifically to a state of confidence, charm, and luck with the opposite sex. Usually due to dress, attitude, or level of intoxication.
Guy1-"Hey, have you seen Jesse?"

Guy2-"Yeah, he just walked out with that fine ass white girl."

Guy1-"Oh shit, foreal? I saw him fuckin' with that Asian chick on the dancefloor earlier..."

Guy2-"Yeah dougie, he's in his swag bag tonight."
by BigDicksOnDeck May 02, 2011
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A bag of fake drugs that is sold as real to someone thats not too smart. "Before I Go Without A Pack I Swag Pack (aka Swag Bag)
Lame Ass Nigga Tried To Come To The Spot And Score Somthing, So I Sold His Dumb Ass A Swag Bag
by METX214 November 02, 2015
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