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European (Mostly German) Swag
Because W's are pronounced like V's
John: I hope Odd Future Comes back to Europe.
Paul: I know. It would be so svagged out.
John: *Starts playing Bitch Suck Dick* SVAG SVAG SVAG SVAG
by Vilmatelo June 16, 2011
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(n) swedish for weak. used to show inferiority or ineffectiveness of an action or a person.
lol the teacher's having problems configuring his network protocol. how svag.
by triple-wwww November 27, 2006
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A term commonly used to describe a pungent (or smelly) vagina. Mainly used in male circles.
God, that girl I slept with last night really put me off. She had such a svag!
Not going down there anytime soon.
by vagzilla March 11, 2011
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When a women's vagina smells like poop because a man's cum load is inside her.

The smell that a woman gives off when she has old semen in her vagina.
Jane: Whats the terrible smell??

Nancy: Jason put a big S-Vag into me, and now I smell like shit!
by K_moto November 13, 2007
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