A sexy young lady , very intimidating and competitive. Suz is a keeper , so talented and can talk to her as long and never get bored. Very adventurous. Never mess with a suz. She can ruin your life. If u’re close to her she would (always) be there for you and (always) stand up for you in any situation.
Person 1: Did you talk to her?
Person 2: I love her , she is such a suz!
by 278287 October 21, 2018
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Combination of two slang words. Sis and cuz. Used for someone you are very close to. Share everything with
by S man316 July 2, 2017
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Someone that can be vindictive and ruin lives. But also doesn’t understand that her actions have consequences upon family and friends. Someone who can’t always see what they are dealing with. That maybe shocked that they are dealing with something they didn’t understand and will regret their actions.
That suz got in the ring with someone she doesn’t understand. That suz never expected these consequences
by Byegollum January 12, 2019
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short for "suzie homemaker", or housewife.
You're sewing another dress? You're such a suz!
by Ara and Jen April 11, 2005
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a guy whos really skinny but eats loads.
hes a really nice guy and he is a doctor. he loves the words tingz.
by persianproud May 14, 2008
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