Susan is an amazing girl, She is very talented at what she does (Photography..) She put's alot of time and effort into them, Just like she does alot of things. She enjoys Partying and having fun. She is a very Beautiful, funny girl with an Incredible sense of humor, And an Incredibly sexy Laugh and accent. Her culture is a Polish one, Which is a very Indistinct one at that. Everybody who is with Susan agree's she is one of the most Beautiful People around.
Careful, you don't want to miss out on her, She truly is the most Amazing person you will ever meet.
Man 1 "Hey man, Did you meet Susan?
Man 2 "Yeah, She's an Amazing Girl"
Man 1 "Don't take her for Granted, She's a Keeper"
by AussieMeth December 30, 2011
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Top Definition
Susan's tend to be wonderful girls! If you've got one hold on tight! Susan's are extremely fun, caring, intelligent, very funny, beautiful, and make the best friends and girlfriends ever! They are the epitome of classyness!
Did you see Susan today? She looks beautiful!
I love Susan!
I wish I had Susan!
by Beeper727 August 27, 2008
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Herbrew for Lily of the Valley, Graceful lily, or Purity.
She is the very meaning of the word Susan.
by SusanTracy March 29, 2008
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If you have a Susan, you are one lucky character! Susans are generally smart, musical, and generous. Never take advantage of a Susan; they also bite. Unless provoked, a Susan can make a great companion!
Girl: Guess what?
Boy: What?
Girl: I bought a Susan today!
Boy: Lucky duck.
by delilahsky January 17, 2010
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A woman that can be a classy lady when she needs to be. She wears tailored clothes, sends thank you cards to your grandmother, and knows what fork to use during each course. The remainder of the time, she is found cursing like a sailor, drinking most men under the table, being able to kill a man 1,000 different ways with craft supplies, and other badassery.
That Susan is so classy and a badass! How is that possible?
by bansheelaughter June 11, 2012
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susan is a great person, but doesn't always know it. susans are caring and intelligent, but never see the beauty in themselves. she knows it's there, but sometimes needs a little encouragement to see it. they are often ambitious, and sometimes get themselves in a little over their heads. if she does, help her out! once you have proven yourself trustworthy, susan will be your most loyal friend. but watch out! cross her and you'll have hell to pay.

her guy friends all love her like a little sister, and they're like big brothers to her, but there's one in the crowd who's more special than the rest. if you are that person, you are one lucky guy. susan will devote everything to you. at first she can seem overwhelming, but don't be put off! she just has strange ways of showing her affection. once you've got her though, hold on tight.

be on your toes though! susan is strong and independent, which can sometimes make her more vulnerable than the rest. she always brings something new to the day, and if there's a smile on her face, don't be the one who wipes it away.

susan has an amazing capacity to care about people. even the ones who hurt her.

susan will love you like a girlfriend, talk to you like a trusted advisor, and protect you like a sibling. do the same for her!
P.S. call her susie or sue and she will kill you!
did you talk to the new girl?
yea, she's totally a susan
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Nicknames can include Sue, Susie-Q, and Feez.

Susans are usually well versed in literature and art, love to read, and enjoy good conversation.

Open-minded and honest, Susans make excellent companions.

If properly taken care of, a Susan will give you love, friendship, laughter and loyalty.

Susans are extremely loyal.
Susan. What a beautiful name, what a beautiful person...
by UrbanKeeper February 07, 2010
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A Susan is someone who will love you like no one else could. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and everytime you see her, all you want to do is just kiss her and cuddle her for hours. A Susan will always make you feel warm and lift you up higher than you've ever been before. She's extremely beautiful but denies it, never seeing the good qualities in herself but only the good qualities in others. She is someone with extreme talent in every form of art and someone everyone can get along well with. No one could ever ask for a better girlfriend.
Daniel - You look beautiful, Susan <3
Susan - I love you, Danny <3
by d0n1e2b3y4 November 30, 2012
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