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-a girl name will Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic origins. A name that means "princess", or "star". Suraya is a variant way of spelling Soraya, (commonly spelled this way). Girls with this name are beautiful, and caring. They tend to be passionate, and loved. Everyone loves them. They're popular among people, and everyone loves their aura. They can be fun to be around, and have a fun personality. They're the perfect girl.
You're amazing, you must be a Suraya.
by trader_joes July 01, 2014
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The most caring,loving, beautiful and sweetest person ever meet you'll never find a girl like her. She's the most unique and adorable person ever. If you rate her awesomeness from 1-10 it'll be 1000000. If you do find a Suraya never let her go cause she's way too unique for you to ever find someone like her.
Suraya is a sexy model.
by lil____________bitchhh October 30, 2017
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1)the greatest most random freind ever.
2)to randomly shout something utterly random.
3)a goddess...of pies...the food of godss...especially this one.
1)OMG i just hung out with was so funnn.
2)girl one:PINEAPPLES!!!
girl 2:what?
girl one:yep you heard me
girl two: why did u just suraya?
3)dude she is so obsessed with pie...whut a suraya.
4)eric run suraya will kill u
by jkhguifght March 08, 2009
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