Code name for a hottie. Usually used in the workplace, where perving on customers and/or hot employees is frowned upon.
"did you see that guy in the red car come through the drive thru this moring??!"

"yes, what a supplement!"
by I love supplements. November 30, 2009
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The cum loads a wife acquires while her husband is out of town on business or any extended length of time.
Baby, I wasn't really cheating on you, I was simply taking semen supplements because you were out of town for so long and you didn't leave any for me in a bowl like you promised you would.
by Ranchgirls November 25, 2020
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a substance that is taken after a disco nap as to stay up and jive all night long eg. adderall, ecstacy, and/or blow
man, that gal was bouncin' all night long, shit, she must be on those disco supplements, GMC and shit...
by buckminister October 7, 2006
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When you let your girlfriend or wife have a little side dick when she wants or needs it.
I’ll be over later and we can hang and watch the game if she’s cool with it? No worries she gone for a little supplemental semen so she won’t be back for a while.

The old lady came home and her gusset was full of panty pudding. She’s really enjoying her hall pass for the supplemental semen.
by Dick Onchin November 26, 2020
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An affectation, item or activity which can be adopted, consumed, obtained or undertaken pursuant to increasing one's gangst quotient.
What the fuck is that tattoo supposed to be, some kind of gangst supplement?

Look at those wiggers sagging their pants. They oughta take some kind of dietary gangst supplement for that shit.

The new label for all Bacardi bottles: Certified gangst supplement.
by Aesophist October 14, 2007
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A sexual partner outside of your primary relationship in which the partner "supplements" what your main relationship is lacking in. The term is used as a less crass version of "fuck buddies" or "friends with benefits."
"My husband won't go down on me, but my supplementation partner sure does."
by CoffeeNapRepeat April 15, 2022
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