Superposition is the best position.
When having sex, "what position are we in?" , "A superposition", "Oh that's the best position".
by Adolf Fin October 13, 2015
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The Baku Superposition is where one is simultaneously a multimillionaire and broke or in debt. Commonly found in Sethical's Baku series.
Young Cash Register aka Lil' 🅱️roomstick is in the Baku Superposition
by chryobyte February 3, 2022
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Extraphysical Superposition is a fundamental principle of extraphysical mechanics. It states that any two (or more) extraphysical states, objects and bodies can be added togehter ("superposed") and the result will be another valid extraphysical state; and conversely, that every extraphysical state can be represented as a sum of two or more other distinct states.
"Extraphysical Superposition might explain why there are literally no evidences of near-death experiences (NDE), since it would behave like quantum superposition, the conscience of the person might be outside the body, but when it is measured, the body is still working, showing the principle of extraphysical superposition might be right and the person is in the body and outside the body at the same time, kinda like "Schrödinger's cat" but without being a paradox. We can also use extraphysical superposition for explain mediumship and astral projection as well."

"Extraphysical Superposition is literally Quantum Superposition at extraphysical level, proving that extraphysical mechanics and quantum mechanics are actually complement of each other, leading to the possibility of the superquantum mechanics."
by Full Monteirism January 3, 2021
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Acclaimed, widely-misunderstood physical principle, used by the media to make sci-fi statements about the nature of the universe and computation theory.

Definition. Quantum superposition:

1. (Informal) If an object can be on two (or more) different states of nature, then it can be on several on them at the same time. Interacting with the object to measure its state will destroy such "wonderful" superposition. This amazing effect is only easy to observe in very small systems with current technology.

2. One of the coolest discoveries about Nature ever made.
3. A synonym used by some famous authority figures for ignorance.

The last two due to complexity theorist Scott Aaronson.

Confer Wikipedia for a more rigorous explanation.
1. In a Hydrogen atom, the electron spinning around the nucleus can live in a 'quantum superposition' of the state of minimum energy and the first excited state. If you measure the superposition in the lab, you measure one of the states randomly!
2. In a quantum computer, a bit can be in a quantum superposition of the values '0' and '1'.
3. The famous Schrödinger Cat illustration: an isolated cat in a box where there is a threat that can potentially kill him is in a quantum superposition of 'alive' and 'dead'. Opening the box would collapse the cat to one of these states. This is actually a mnemotechnic to remember definition 1.
by garrapito May 5, 2011
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For Example,
My girlfriend really enjoys quantum physics. She said that her physics professor really taught her some quantum superpositions.
by nikalpehlifursatmein August 15, 2019
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The act of claiming subscription to a specific political group while also supporting ideas that contradict or undermine that political group. Usually those engaged in political superposition will not directly voice their contradictions, favoring implicit, vague, or contradictions by consequence. When they do contradict, it will be in the absence of any mention of their political affiliation until someone points out that their ideas contradict their political group, which results in the person falling back on their facade of affiliation. Political superposition is merely the aesthetic of a political movement or group.
Ben Shapiro - "I am a libertarian"
Also Ben Shapiro -"God says gay people bad so make them illegal."
Other guy -"Nice political superposition, your theocratic ideas contradict the core tenets of libertarianism"
Ben Shapiro -"I am a libertarian tho"
by jerd123 May 14, 2022
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The random mysterious phenomena of two Facebook chat indicators for the same person that are contradictory, suggesting that the person represented is both online and simultaneously offline.
Based on the quantum phenomena where a particle is in both one configuration or state and another configuration or different state at the same time.
Bob: "Hey, is Nina online? Can we chat with her?"
Tim *staring intently at screen*: "Yeah, she is & isn't."
Bob: "WTF?"
Tim: "Nina's subatomic particles are stuck in both the online and offline quantum states! quantum FBchat superposition, dude."
by holodram May 5, 2011
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