A team of all stars that was put together, through free agency. Normally contains at least 3 all stars. Majority of them coming from free agency.
Dwyane Wade got 2/3 parts of the super team via free agency, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.
by GriffSny June 18, 2017
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A team with a plethora of all-stars and future hall of famers, minimum of 4 athletes
Lebron has never been in a super team bruh... but the warriors are a super team
by Somarnhoj June 13, 2017
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A Super team slag is someone who plays as the best football team in video games all the time. It has come about mainly due to pro evolution soccer 4 on xbox live, where all the schlaaagggggssss always go Real Madrid, Inter etc. They often know very little about football and variety is never on their mind. Shhhlllaaaaaaaaags are being rejected by modern society however. A wonderful counter-attack has been invented by the infamous SteveUK007 (who is a super spam slag but thats another story). Basically you pick the same side as the slag and the same kit. As a result the game will be practically unplayable and the slag will leave crying to his mummy.
Elwapo is such a super team slag.

Maybe one day i'll play a team other than Real Madrid...
by JackBauer87 October 15, 2005
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Fans of IISuperwomanII aka Lilly Singh. Awesomest fans on the planet as they care a lot about Lilly and the people she loves.
by ILoveUnicorns133 June 27, 2017
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A team of people who utterly suck -- in fact, they suck & blow at the same time!
What part are you role-playing now, huh? Team super douche?
by Telephony February 18, 2014
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The single most extreme death metal band of all time. Demonic to the point where if you even hear them play live a giant gaping hole will form in the ground and take all the listeners to eternally suffer in the pits of hell. With White Ice on the guitar and Solomon Edibeesee as the lead vocalist (and many other useless band members who arn't near as demonic), shoelace frenzy super fun party team has managed to create many fan favorites such as "The smelter this metal", "Chocolat monopoly", "Eastern death smash", "Chamberling", and "Tiger fetus pipe", which are all so devistatingly extreme that even muttering the lyrics could turn you into a flesh eating hell angel.
I once decided to listen to a shoelace frenzy super fun party team and woke up the next morning in hell being analy raped by lawnmowers.
by White Ice March 26, 2004
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white ice pretty much has it, with songs like "Citroslip Copywrite" and "Narcalepsy" they have managed to literally raise hell and are forced to play in the deepest,most deserted "hell barrens" on the earth. With Guitar solo's that make you shed your clothes and castrate yourself and vocals hideously possesed by Lucifer himself SHOELACE FRENZY SUPER FUN PARTY TEAM are the true representatives of Hell and beyond.
by Solomon Adebisi May 13, 2004
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