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Sumra is a name mostly used for girls. She’s a sex god. Attractive, Popular. Why wouldn’t you be frriends with Sumra? You’d be the luckiest person to ever go out with her. She’s loyal and wouldn’t just go out with anyone. Do not be sly on someone like Sumra
Person1: Omg is that Sumra?
Person2:Dude you have to go get her number!!
by piffting12 November 13, 2017
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A female warlord usually associated with Second Punic War and Hannibal. She is known to draw strength from being mean to others.

In the modern context, it can mean a girl with an attitude problem who usually gets too drunk at parties to care for the well being of others.
Dude, did you see that Sumra last night? I can't believe she was so harsh to Billy.
by Daa Wi Shin October 26, 2010
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