The most beautiful person you will ever meet and you need someone like her in your life. If you ever lose her than bad luck. Your life is now a misery because you failed to keep one of the best faithful people ever, out of your life. Your a dumbass if you just lost being friends with a summer. She is a good luck charm to you and will always be cherished somewhere in their heart.
Summer is someone that you will never be able to kick her out of your life. Keep her close or you will fuck up everything.
by taniaisabroomsticm July 17, 2019
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(v.) to stay up long past 1AM on a regular basis to the point of FUBARing one's sleep pattern.
Dude, I'm a master of summering.

Yeah, but you're screwed when next semester starts.
by WHARRGARBLLER June 28, 2010
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Summer (in america): A three month period of time in which a weekend warrior can no longer find reasons not to party 8 nights of the week.
Person A: The days are longer, schools over, and I only work part time, give me one reason why I shouldn't be living the highlife?
Person B: I know isn't summer perfect
by Veedenhusa July 20, 2009
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A smart,cool and confident girl who is demisexual.She has blonde hair and mystic blue eyes and is rather tall for her age.Summer is athletic and sporty and she’s good at many sports.She can be the nicest person you ever know or the meanest one you ever met if she wants to.Summer doesn’t want to get to be a wife or a mother,she wants to succeed in her job and be a strong woman.She is not the type that will bury her head in the phone for the whole day.Summer is model like but she never wears sexy clothes to please guys.She is not into shopping for clothes but she has a good taste.Summer is capable of relationships but if you want to get in bed with her,she’ll bend your neck.Summer is not interested in socializing and sometimes hates talking as she doesn’t like to waste time on social activities,She is mentally and physically strong and can stand up to bullies herself.
Summer is chatting with a guy she likes.
Guy:Summer,can I hang out with you this weekend?
After a month,Summer and the guy have a much closer relationship.
Guy:Summer,can I sleep with you?
Summer:What?No way!(bends the guy’s neck)
A few minutes later,a male dead body was found in the corridor that Summer was just there.
by The devil herself 😈 November 13, 2019
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And incredibly sweet an compassionate girl who you can’t help but love. Eve if you aren’t with her romantically you fall his love with her more and more each day she tells you on of her hilarious stories and talks to you about the most sensitive things. She is beautiful in the most natural way. Inside and out. She is absolutely stunning in her looks and personality. But she’s insecure and shy through it all and it pisses you off to think someone so gorgeous can’t see what you see and you want to help her. Cuddling is her #1 priority. Loves long long hugs and cuddling. With her freckles on her face, bright loving blue eyes, brown hair, and wonderfully thick ass, letting go of her would be a big mistake. Of you’re a friend or close friend- you’re lucky. And if you’re thinking of stepping it up and asking her out- do it. Soon. Its most likely she loves you back.
Damn she's really lovely, she must be a summer.
by nooneknowsmeohwell December 27, 2016
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Noun: A spectactularly amazing women who is refered to as independent and goal ambitious. Everyone looks up to Summer as if she was God.
Wow, I want to be just like Summer.
by Mysertious m0f0 December 20, 2009
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Pronounced SUH-mer. It is of Old English origin. A nature name; the season used as a girl's name who is fucking amazing, dances like a stripper, and leaves the boys begging for more.
by bigtyng February 04, 2010
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