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1.,To posses, or hold, a large quantity of an item/s, (such as money or drugs)

Not meant to be taken literally in the terms of being dressed in a suit.
Malik Yo Carlos, you always suited up with money , what you be doing?
Carlos I just grind man!
by NOAC.DAVIS August 10, 2017
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Getting dressed, wearing a certain get up, having on a outfit etc. Usually when you use 'suited up' it means it's something special or nice about your appearance, or sometimes it can be used in a sarcastic way or to add emphasis on detail about what you have on or are wearing.
Josh - Man Mark is suited up right now in those new threads!

Malik - I just KNOW he aint comin' to school suited up in a damn Link cosplay outfit, they'll clown his ass!

Nas (N.Y. state of mind lyrics) - "Bulletholes left in my peepholes, I'm suited up in street clothes,
hand me a nine and I'll defeat foes. "
by Zure the Dark Being March 31, 2013
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