A word to express a certain state of mind. Can be used when feeling particularly down. Similar to that of 'Meh' and 'Bleh'.

Originated from a mistype from a girl on Facebook chat, when typing 'sigh' the 'u' key was pressed by mistake, it seemed fitting, and therefore 'Sugh' was created.
Used as an adjective, but also as an adverb.
Example 1:

Alice: Sugh.
Beth C: Dude same. Wassup?
Alice: Got a load going on at the moment, what with people, school yadda yadaa. You?
Beth C: Just not feeling 'it' at the moment. Sugh. :(
Alice: Sugh. :/
Beth M: I am sugh also.
Alice: Oh good, another one to join in our Sughness.

Example 2:
Beth walked sughly into the dayroom.
by TheOneThatSpeltSighWrong. December 08, 2010
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A hybrid of a sigh and "ugh", it describes anything that is crappy, shitty, lame, annoying, or takes any effort. Can also be used as an exclamation/interjection.
Kelley: Man I hate physics.

Elise: Sugh.

Elise: I have to go to practice after school.

Kelley: Me too. Practice is just sugh.
by Ke'Elso March 22, 2009
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the word sugh is a combination of two types of feelings. it combines sigh with ugh and that is exactly the sound that comes out of your mouth when you are feeling this.
john: i can't seem to ever touch this girl's boobs.
mike: did you try the "stop short" method
john: yeah but i missed
mike: sugh you're a lost cause
by the onion! February 08, 2007
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