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Kicking is the equivalent of rocking except on your feet. One who rocks a shirt, equivalently kicks sneakers, or shoes.
A:What kind of shoes are you kicking?
B: Adidas Samba 85's man
by the onion! September 1, 2007
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this is a winky kiss. when you are winking and kissing at the same time. it is an almost impossible face to make in real life but as an emoticon it gets through one of the best emotions ever.
A: it was great hanging out with you last night!
B: ;-*
by the onion! January 20, 2009
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the couple you know who is breaking up like every other week. they are on and off all the time.
A: hey is tim bringing his girlfriend tonight?
B: no i dont think theyre together right now
A: oh, well he told me they were a few days ago
B: yeah well theyre in a light switch relationship so you never know when theyre going out.
by the onion! June 2, 2007
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More popularly known as "facebook purgatory." You put someone in facebook purgatory the second time the friend request you after they have been denied, or whenever else you feel it necessary. This guarantees you never have to deny the person again, and at the same time they cannot hound you.
I was once friend requested by a girl 6 times. She was rejected 5 times and then finally on the 6th time I decided that was enough and now she is now eternally in my pending friend request area a.k.a. facebook limbo.
by the onion! December 16, 2007
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The best sneakers ever. made by Adidas.
A: What kind of sneakers are you kicking?
B: Samba 85's boy
by the onion! September 1, 2007
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the word sugh is a combination of two types of feelings. it combines sigh with ugh and that is exactly the sound that comes out of your mouth when you are feeling this.
john: i can't seem to ever touch this girl's boobs.
mike: did you try the "stop short" method
john: yeah but i missed
mike: sugh you're a lost cause
by the onion! February 8, 2007
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