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Nipples that taste quite good in your mouth, sometimes referring to milky tits or just a saying.
"Giiiirl, Kelly has such Sugar Nips, they just melt in your mouth. Somewhat like curdy does to your bunghole."

"Veronica told me that Michael has such hot Sugar Nips, they're so round and voluptuous."

"Mmmmmm I'd so fondle them with my Wimika crushers!!!"

"I concur."
by Diah Rheah August 16, 2009
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The practice of Sugar Nips (alt. Nipple Frosting) is performed as a practical joke whereby a willing participant will place some sticky substance onto the nipples of an unsuspecting recipient, followed by a fine dusting of sugar
The most common ingredients are human jism and caster sugar, however, honey is a less extreme alternative
A greater comic effect can also be achieved with condiments such as "hundreds and thousands"
"Victim: Is this dried baby-batter on my nipples!?"
"Attacker: That's right! I was doing a little Nipple Frosting last night"

"My boyfriend gave me such bad sugar nips last night... it felt like sandpaper in my t-shirt!"
by }{itch July 21, 2008
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