Your honey with a sweet ass. One you just want to grab or smack every time you see it. Especially fun to call your manly boyfriend after hours of drinking games because secretly he likes it!
Hey Sugar Booty, wanna do another shot...or go upstairs? (wink)
by the eye candy December 13, 2011
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Definition 1. (n) Someone who is characterized as being a crybaby or "soft". They are believed to have sugar stuck in their booty that may have gotten there on accident or on purpose.

Definition 2. (n) An overly sweet person or someone with overly sweet looks.

(plural) Sugar Booties are people who practice putting sugar in their booties.
Def 1: This kid next to me is acting like a sugar booty.
Def 2: Zac Efron is a sugar booty.
by JoJ0Bunny August 27, 2014
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