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a funny, nice, sweet girl, who is usually with the popuar people. A SueAnne knows how to party! SueAnne is usually easy to get along with!
SueAnne is so nice.
SueAnne i just met her, she is cool!
by xXxsmurfiexXx August 27, 2009
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An amazing, funny, loyal girl. She loves with everything and can hold a grudge for ages if you burn her wrong. A SueAnne can be very anti-social in new situations but will not shut up once she knows you. She is one of the best friends to have and for the man in her life, a total kinky dominatrix! Ass as big as her heart, too.
Guy 1: hey have you met SueAnne yet?
Guy 2: yeah she's so damn cute, but she never talks to me
Guy 1: just wait, she'll open up soon
Guy 2: good, I'm thinking new wifey
Guy 1: you're in for a ride!
by selling.quarters.25 January 08, 2014
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