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When two girls press their moist vaginas together which in turn creates suction.
I knew Gina and Tina were dating but I didn't think they'd suction cup right in front of us.
by Supersoaker89 December 08, 2016
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When a female docks her camel toe to a mans anus and girates to create suction.
Miah: Anna was totally hitting me from behind last night.

Nate: like Suction Cup'n it?

Miah: yeah, totally milkin' that prostate!
by Tyler29 February 04, 2014
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when a guy refuses to let go of a girls boobs
claire: omg so that guy hayden suction cupped me last night!

caroline: ouch! did it hurt??

claire: no not really. i was more concerned about my boobs shrinking cause of the pressure

caroline: i totally get what you mean!
by hayden the hottie September 12, 2009
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