The knob that the sound guy thrns when the band pisses him off. see also suck button.
Band guy: "Dude, My Cowbell is more important than the lead guitar, it needs to be louder"

Sound Guy: "Fuck you, asshole"...then turns the suck knob to 11.
by King Kong December 16, 2003
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a beautiful retort to something that someone says to anger you.

furthermore, it can be used in surprise.
"you look like a prick"
"well suck my knob!"


"suck my knob she never did that!"
by yumbumbum February 6, 2010
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An exclamation to be used when in great surprise or shock.
Man, suck my knob and call me Charlie!!!!
by Charlie Knobsworth October 8, 2006
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