1.) Synonymous with 'fuck off', basically means to go away and do something horrible to yourself
Fred: Media studies is a terrible degree
Harry: Go suck a lemon
by SaffCat November 15, 2012
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The look of disgust in a person that is reminiscent of the face pulled when eating something very tart, such as a lemon.
When my wife discovered that the paedophoilia charges that she had laid against me would not be pursued as the prosecutor had found them to be baseless she had a face like she was sucking a lemon.
by stropmag July 9, 2010
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when someone tries to pout seductively, however the result is a painful grimace, like one is struggling in their attempts to look seductive.
Everytime Eimear is in a photograph she looks like a trout sucking a lemon.
by Dirky McDiggler August 8, 2011
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1. Someone could be asked to suck a lemon.

2. A phrase often said to Barratt and Batson.

3. MAybe a lime or orange.
by rhs July 3, 2006
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7% Vodka Cooler from Canada. Often leads to making out with friends' moms, stealing lawn ornaments, and waking up naked in petting zoos.
After chugging his fifth can of Sucking Lemons, Blake found himself wondering if Mitch's mom had always been so attractive.

Sarah wanted to forget about her crossdressing ex, so she immediately bought a 4-Pack of Sucking Lemons and shotgunned them.
by SamanthaMolly September 16, 2014
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when a pirate stocks lemon on their ship to prevent scurvy
That pirate sure does like sucking lemons
by doctor kvass the anon August 15, 2021
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