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Using lines from motivational or inspirational posters to spurr on or motivate an individual, usually during a sporting event or physical activity. The person yelling the successories is often very lazy and annoying and when they do this it incites hatred on the part of the receiver. Example of this is "Never give up" and "Eyes on the prize"
Peter on season 10 of The Amazing Race often did this to his partner Sarah, who had one fake, bionic leg.
Peter often shouted successories at Sarah while she struggled to do a very physical task and he sat there being lazy and useless.
by cinnarose October 24, 2006
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Decorative articles providing motivation that one displays in and about the office.
Family Guy: At Pewterschmidt Industries
Peter stops by Brian's office, where Brian is typing on his computer

Peter: "Brian, I like your Successories."

Peter continues his walk.
Brian stops typing for a moment and looks at his Successory poster that said:

"Go get it. Go get it, Boy"

Brian: "I will. I will go get it."

Brian resumes typing
by aniggerstolemybike August 23, 2012
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