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Carelessness and lack of caution formed in the suburbs due to a false belief that one is always safe therefore precautions are not required which lead to being vulnerable to numerous situations when outside the suburbs

Symptoms may include:
1. Not locking car doors
2. Jogging on the road
3. Leaving your house door unlocked
4. Leaving car keys inside the car
5. Walking down a dark street with headphones on playing loud music
Tim: Hey did you hear what happened to Jerry last night ?
Nick: No what ?
Tim: He got his car stolen at a gas station

Nick: How ?
Tim: Probably left his doors unlocked and left the car running and went inside to get a snack
Nick: Damn how could he be so stupid ?
Tim: It's probably the suburban syndrome
by UnknownUDPoster August 23, 2013
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