A fan of decidedly average music. Often living in denial of said fact.

Also, a lover of teh cock.
by Sekt March 22, 2003
Describes one who is amazing at wooing women via text or online chat. Generally not a woman he is involved with. This person is often socially inept in person.
Guy #1: "Aw man this girl I'm chatting with is getting all emotional, talking about feelings and shit, what do I do!?

Guy #2: "Go get Mike. He's the most cyber suave dude I know."
by Kee03 October 28, 2010
The act of ejaculating into one's partners hair, and then proceeding to style her hair with it.
"Hey man I heard Miles gave Jill a suave glob last night in Alex's bed"
by little lewd November 9, 2013
A good looking, well dressed, well put together, smooth talking man.
The guy hitting on my friend in the bar was a real Rico suave type, and she was falling for it.
by CatarinaAndArturo July 11, 2017
1. Spanish Translation: Big Smooth

2. A man who is so cool that the term 'cool' could not be used. He is a man's man and the ladies love him. A 'G' of sorts.
"There goes grande suave, hes a G"
by swisherwhat!? October 21, 2009
1- A Latino, typically (but not exclusively) of the Puerto Rican or Mexican persuasion, who greases his hair and tries very hard to be a gigolo. He will often take an oversized bottle of cologne and spray it at a fan on the highest setting, then stand before the cloud of overpowering fragrance. Other things he will do include unbuttoning his shirt halfway down so he has easy fondle-access to his chest hair, chew on toothpicks, speak in an exaggerated Spanish accent, and stuff his underwear with a rolled-up tube sock. He doesn't believe in being clean-shaven, nor will he be a nice or reliable companion to any women. Paradoxically, women like him anyway because they are stupid.

2- A generic Latin singer who straddles the line between Straight and Gay

3- Someone who likes to wankerbate on a regular basis
"If it wasn't for spankito suave over there, cologne manufacturers would go bankrupt."

"Ricky Martin is a spankito suave."

"Ese spankito suave le gusta JUGAR CON EL PNRZ."
by Batrastard July 5, 2003
Local Palm Beach County rapper, with great hits like gangstas and thugs, back up florida edition and make it happen. Has worked with 8ball and M.J.G., Trick Daddy, Triple J, and others.
"Who's the king of palm beach county rap?" "Suave Smooth str8 outta the 561."
by 561balla June 10, 2007