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A phrase said to a person when they are bitching about an issue that they either can not or will not do anything about. It is often used in place of the phrases "what are you going to do about it?" or "I don't care."
Ex 1
Dude #1: Bro, you ate all of my Dunkaroos. I was saving those for my Bat Mitzvah.

Dude #2: Hey, Fucking cry about it!!

Ex 2
Dude #1: Dammit! I have to write a 50 page report on the mating habits of the blue-nosed land squid by tomorrow and I haven't even started.

Dude #2: You know what you should do, dude? Go cry about it.

Ex 3
Dude #1: Hey Mike is pretty pissed you keep banging his girlfriend. He said He's going to kick your ass.

Dude #2: Whatever, tell that faggot to go cry about it!
by Kee03 September 10, 2011

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Describes one who is amazing at wooing women via text or online chat. Generally not a woman he is involved with. This person is often socially inept in person.
Guy #1: "Aw man this girl I'm chatting with is getting all emotional, talking about feelings and shit, what do I do!?

Guy #2: "Go get Mike. He's the most cyber suave dude I know."
by Kee03 October 28, 2010

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Verb. /Mo-glee/ To Mowgli is defined as climbing, shimmying, or otherwise gathering ones self atop an object in a fashion reminiscent of Mowgli. The 'The Jungle Book' character.

One is not limited to Mowgliing in a jungle or forest. One is also capable of Mowgliing in an urban environment.
Dude #1- Hey go get a ladder, my frisbee is stuck up in that tree.

Dude #2- I don't have a ladder, just Mowgli your ass up there!
by Kee03 January 08, 2011

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