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When someone beside you bites you on the shoulder for no apparent reason but just for the hell of it.
Kyle: Yo bro what's with that crazy bitemark on your shoulder??
Giorgio: Oh man someone just Suarezed me yesterday but it's all good.
Kyle: Aight bro
by Shadowcat13 June 27, 2014
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1. To lose due to your opponent cheating.

Named after Luis Suarez from Uruguay for his last ditch effort to deliberately cheat to help his team advance in the World Cup.

2. Missing out on something you earned.
Guy 1: I saw you talking to that hot chick all night, did you get her number?

Guy 2: No because at the last minute some d-bag stepped in and told her he's a doctor, but I know he's not because I saw him working the drive-thru the other day.

Guy 1: You got Suarezed.
by showboat4 July 04, 2010
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Biting a woman's vagina until major bleeding occurs
Person 1: What did you do at that birds gaff last night? She was an absolute sort mate

Person 2: I Suarezed her then left!
by theresonlyoneriowellard February 20, 2018
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