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The reflection of the moon's light off of the surface of a body of water such as a river or lake or ocean. The reflected light appears as a path leading to the moon across the water's surface. While originally used to describe the reflection of the August moon it has developed to describe the moon's reflection in any month.

The word "Sturges" is derived from the name "Full Sturgeon Moon" which is the name given to the August full moon by fishing tribes fishing for Sturgeon. Sturgeon, a large fish, were caught most readily in the month of August in the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water. It is while fishing in summer that the Sturges was commonly viewed and aptly named.
The sturges looks so beautiful this evening glistening across the ocean's calm surface.
by languagefreak August 05, 2009
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Originally an onomatopoeia, it derives from the noise of screeching car tires. Has become an exclamation of surprise, especially in reaction to observing someone else get hurt.
Man in movie falls off a building and lands face-first on a flag-pole.
Viewer: "Sturge!"
by Socratic Method November 22, 2010
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A very white, almost transparent person who loves to eat large amounts of food and jerk off to animals in the discovery channel. (also loves ice-cream)
that white kid who is very very white is wacking off to that naked mole-rat while eating a large steak... what a sturges.
by Tossi August 20, 2005
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The sail shaped flap of skin connecting the lower penile shaft to the scrotum.
That b---- got her toungue all up on my sturge.

My Sturge is as long as f---.

I got my Sturge pierced.
by Dr. Wurdz November 27, 2009
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