a truly lame act; someone that has overacheived in being an idiot
"Comming up with a definition for the word stuidious is as close to an example of the word as I can think of."
by That Bum May 25, 2005
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Taking a language with over half a million words and making up new words for it because of ignorance. This can also describe when a word is misspelled so often the spelling changes in the dictionary.
Words like refudiate, frenemy, and stupidiate are perfect examples. Also in the case of spelling changes, words like judgement which is now also spelled judgment fit this definition.
by Tzar of Anachronism September 8, 2012
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The word stupidiness is a variation of the word stupidity. It was first used on accident by a person who cannot speak English properly (obv.) Use of this term has become a way to make fun of the person who first uttered it.
The stupidiness of these people!
by Dave Berlin April 8, 2005
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Add Stupid and Dumb, your answer is Stupidy-dumb
Boy: Wanna do the math homework?
Girl: Hell naw that page is so Stupidy-dumb
by Some random person :) December 21, 2019
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Meaning your beyond stupider, to now being stupidious almost oblivious to how beyond stupidest you actually are
That guy over there is beyond stupidious, stupid is almost looking smart!
by Newfiegirl1 March 18, 2022
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