Stupid retarded

Stupid Retarded is when you get hurt feelings over not being acknowledged or respected in any way, just completely ignored, and left with the thoughts of self worth, what did you do wrong, and a sadness inside. Because you care and want to show you it
stupid retarded to think this wasn't your own fault. Who cares if I didn't call you plans change. I did nothing wrong. Just because I'm your wife doesn't mean I need to call and let you know MY plans changed and I don't care to even consider the way you feel even if you wanted to be here and planed on picking us up and go together. Doesn't matter what you think.

Stupid Retarded
by Sooulezet zeer0 May 3, 2017
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Calling a retard stupid, making them sound even more retarded. Closely related to the term: dumb idiot
A: "My helmet is blue."
B: "No, your helmet is green, you stupid retard."
by Mrbiginpants January 18, 2009
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OMG he's such an Arvido amirite?
Ye, he's totally a stupid retard!
by arvid_biggay November 23, 2018
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It's not enough to be retarded, when someone is so stupid and fucking dumb, you have to whip out the Stupid Fucking Retard card.
House Oniku is filled with "Stupid Fucking Retard"(s).
by BruhSlayer59 August 18, 2020
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The definition of a STUPID ASS RETARD is extreme stupidity or being extremely idiotic
Little boy : shoves dogs face up his buttocks

by Hi this person can 👁you October 26, 2019
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