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The most beautiful person on the continent, even though she thinks she's far from it. Generally flexible and/or good at gymnastics, different, quiet and doesn't have much confidence. Is funny, beautiful, entertaining, an amazing friend and has a true, brave heart. Her life inspires others to live and not give up because she wouldn't.
Girl: I met this girl called Anny the other day.
Girl 2: Oh my goodness, you'll love her
by Crepesarereallysweg September 27, 2014
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1. (noun) An Armenian term for "chunky secretarial slut" with a bad dye job, sagging floppy breasts, and a desperate need for attention." The term was first coined by an anonymous co-worker of the very first, and most famous "Anny" who, as what little of her natural appeal began to fade, began to wear revealing tops and industrial-strength bras to elevate her pendulously large, but floppy, like pudding in a sweat-sock breasts, in foolish hopes that she might bamboozle an attorney into a relationship. She fails to this very day (see also: Cougar In A Yellow Corvette)

2. (verb) To make anxious, clumsy, sexual advances, via overtly sexual flirtation, exchange of favorite pornographic films, intimate tattoo viewings, or outright offer for toothy oral sex behind closed doors to anyone lonely enough to take the bait
1. "Dude, she asked me if I wanted to exchange my favorite porno for her favorite for a week!

"Sweet! So...did you?"

"I did, but when I opened hers, it was fuckin' dude-on-dude GAY PORN!!!"

"WHAT THE FUCK?!? That is one sick, fat, cock-loving lonely ANNY!"


2. "That new secretary came into my office and asked if I wanted to see her lower-back tattoo, and after I said I liked it, she dropped to her knees and straight sucked my cock!

"WHAT?!? LUCKY!!!"

"Not quite...her snaggle teeth practically circumsized me! was like sticking my dick in a pencil sharpener!!!"

by Sandrashishian September 19, 2013
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Someone who is characteristically a good friend, smart, an honest person, someone you can depend on and someone who always makes you laugh. (Sometimes acts like and is a crazy Asian, but that is part of the charm of the Anny.)
That girl is definitely an Anny; she is hilarious!
by cloudeighteen March 05, 2009
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A loveable idiot who doesn't realise how pretty she is. Although, mentally unstable and uncannily intelligent she is extremely funny and great to be around. ( again SHE IS STILL BAT SHIT CRAZY!)
"Why is that girl licking breadcrumbs off the table?"

"Oh she's just Annys!"
by Jojojo456 May 13, 2018
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Anny is a BAD bitch. She's usually blonde, tall, and has a bangin body. Annys care about other people more than they do themselves. If anyone tries to mess with the people Anny loves, the caring side of her leaves, and the claws come out. Annys know how to throw a good punch too, but they have other more subtle ways of getting their revenge. Anny is pretty much a pornstar in bed, but doesn't make it obvious unless you're lucky enough to find out for yourself. Anny as a girlfriend will love you unconditionally, respect you, and tell you all the time how much you mean to her. Anny is the perfect friend, because she will defend you till the end and always have one eye out for you.
Oh her name is Anny? Damn, I'd watch out for that bitch if I were you.
by BABYDOLPHIN November 10, 2010
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