When a girl is ridiculously hot or beyond hot on a normal scale. This can and will make an individual stupid or unable to conjugate a thought. It is above a 10 on a scale of 1-10 and she is more than just boner-ific.
That girl is stupid hot
***drools and becomes stupid, unable to think about anything and eventually gets caught checking "that girl" out.
by A2F April 15, 2015
Person who is gorgeous but should never open their mouths to talk. Usually amazing lovers.
My god he is stupid hot, great in bed but I never want him to talk.
by Kaia Marie November 25, 2008
When it's so hot outside, that it's just fucking stupid. Anyone who lives south of San Antonio knows what i'm talking about.
Person 1: What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?

Person 2: The forecast said it would be stupid hot tomorrow, and for the rest of the summer.

Person 1: Fuck
by pbjoe June 3, 2009
Generally describing a woman who is so breath-takingly beautiful and/or desirable that men are inspired to act in an outrageously stupid or foolish manner in order to gain her attention or interest.
"Buddy, I know she's stupid hot, but you could have gotten hurt trying a crazy stunt like that!"
by Bat55 October 7, 2021
describes an unintelligent person (usually female) of ample physical attraction that is somehow hotter still due to their apparant lack of intelligence -- possibly because they are potentially easier to take advantage of

source unknown
Guy A: omg, she`s so hot it hurts

Guy B: maybe, but she`s also an idiot

Guy A: oh yeah, she`s stupid hot...
by Hardryv August 15, 2006