To be stuck in a predicament. To be caught up in a tight situation. To my knowledge from back in the day, the term originally came from Chuck Norris films because he was always getting caught up with bad guys.
Yo, I got caught up by the pigs, son. I was stuck like chuck.
by Jodie Joe January 16, 2013
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to be shit outa' luck...cant win for losin'
I didn't make parole again I guess i'm just stuck like chuck
by boss March 27, 2005
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Stuck in a situation that you can not get out of easily
That poor guy got stuck like chuck and could not get out of it.
by Cindy May 15, 2003
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When your completely wasted and you cant move; hence being stuck.
Yo I cant make it to the party man...I'm stuck like chuck.
by Avi Jamal August 2, 2005
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When one does a large shot of methampehatimes and kills a large number of brain cells … therefore being stuck on a pointless task
Fuck a duck im stuck like chuck after that butthole warming blast!!!
by Camero December 9, 2022
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