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Queens New York slang. Another way of saying “Dun.” Dun is how people from Queens say “Son.” It was popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Rappers such as Nas, Cormega, Nature, Mobb Deep and Screwball made it popular. Only a few people know..
“You's a dick blower, tryin' to speak the Dunn language. What the drilly with that though? It ain't bangin’.” -prodigy

What’s good thun-thun?

World life thunny
by Jodie Joe August 20, 2018
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To be stuck in a predicament. To be caught up in a tight situation. To my knowledge from back in the day, the term originally came from Chuck Norris films because he was always getting caught up with bad guys.
Yo, I got caught up by the pigs, son. I was stuck like chuck.
by Jodie Joe January 16, 2013
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