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Derived from "struggle"

Extremely bad.
"That shit is pretty strugs."
"Your struggin'"
"Your Captain Dumbnuts of the Strugboat Express."

you : "My dad croaked."
me : "Strug-a-doo.", or simply, "Strugs."
by Dave Guns January 22, 2008
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To land a vault perfectly on one foot while crippled in the other during the 1996 Olympics.
Pirate #1: Ahoy! Land yer blabber-ass on that thair booty, arrrrr!

Pirate #2: Avast! I shall now leap!

(He leaps, is shot in the left foot, blasting it into useless mackarel, and yet miraculously lands perfectly on the other foot. He raises his arms in triumph.)

Pirate #1 (admiringly): Blast yer eyes! That be a mighty strug!
by clownmonkey June 07, 2007
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an abbreviated adjective version of struggle and struggling. used to describe an individual or other animate object that is "having a hard time" or "impaired." used specifically in relation to individuals who are heavily intoxicated through use of alchohol and drugs. Has many tangental slang words related to it such as keri, in the gym, circa '96 or just circa.
teenager 1: "Dude, Bells and PJ have been on the pong table for the 15 games straight."
teenager 2: "Yeah, but they're pretty strug right now."
by Deacon Bruno February 09, 2007
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the act of struggling or to struggle also being in poor condition.
as we watched the crackhead walk down the street trying to bum random change from people, we thought "strug".
by sinistersilence October 14, 2005
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A stroke that was induced by the use of drugs.
My friend had a strug a couple days ago. He's still in the hopsital.
by PassvodkaFai November 21, 2009
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Adjective form of the word "struggle," but also applicable in cases where the literal meaning of "struggle" or "struggling" may not be entirely appropriate; problematic.
Mitch: Man, I'm failing my English 101 class.
Ted: That's pretty strug.
by He Hate Me July 30, 2006
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