A Strikeout is possibly one of the most brilliant and best ways to get totally inebriated. The person in question must have ready a fully loaded Bong, a shot of his or her favourite liquor, and a pint of his or her favourite Beer.

The person in question then lights the bowl, takes a nice, long bong hit, then puts the bong down. While holding the weed smoke in, the person proceeds to take the shot of liquor back and then chugs the beer back. After they finish the beer, they exhale the weed smoke.
Guy #1: Man, what a sick party last night eh?
Guy #2: Yeah man, did you see us all doing those Strikeouts? It was so sick!
Guy #1: Dude, I was doing them with you! They must have fucked you up beyong belief
Guy #2: Hells yeah
by Fraser August 29, 2006
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Urban one-on-one baseball game normally played on schoolgrounds where an agreed upon strike zone is drawn on the side of a building facing an open expanse. The batter gets three outs if he strikes out three times (since there are no fielders). Score is kept as follows; a hit is recorded as a ball hit in playthat does not go foul or past an agreed upon "out- of -the park". A ball hit in the air past a designated outer landmark is considered a homerun and clears the bases. Normally played with a tennis ball and is a fast pitched game that emphasizes agressive hitting and pitching. Played in Oakland school yards in the 80'- perhaps elsewhere
Aye, we don't have enough for a full game, we'll play a rotating strikeout game against that protable over there.
by AntMoOAK March 26, 2012
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as seen in the 2006 movie "beerfest", you take a hit (weed), chug a beer, take a shot, and blow out the smoke
a strikeout will FUCK you up...
by sexy ukrainian August 27, 2006
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Taking a hit from a bong, drink a shot and then chug a beer all before blowing out the smoke.
Did you see when that guy did the strikeout at the party last night?
by MWR October 1, 2006
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Its a "drinking game" of sorts. It means to take a bong-hit of some alcohol, usually beer, then take a shot, and finally chug a beer, then exhale. Yeah, that means it's all done on one breath.
"That strikeout really messed me up last night."
by Buckskin August 21, 2006
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When somebody tries to either:

a. Tell a story
b. Say a sentence
c. Get a point across

but has to restart at least 3 times, you can call for a quick end to their speech by shouting "VERBAL STRIKEOUT". Three strikes you're out. The conversation must then make a complete shift and move on to another topic.
Guy 1: Hey man, last night was crazy, I was at a frat house and- well I was at my FRIENDS frat house then- but wait hold up- It might have been two days ago-

Guy 2: *rudely interrupts* YOU'RE OUT! Shut up now.

Guy 1: Wtf bro?

Guy 2: Verbal strikeout, duh.
by 1337 Fork April 21, 2009
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