An amazing asshole who is capable of doing many things...

The type that will go one step beyond anyone else, from drinking you under the table to banging your mother and your aunt at the same time.

A strid-person is the one usually pissing you off, offending your girlfriend but somehow she ends up wanting him around more which again is why he/she is amazing.
Person 1: That fuckin' dude Chris is such a strid

Person 2: My bitch met a strid last night and then couldn't stop talking about him, she wants to invite him to the next party.

Person 3: How the Hell did I get so stridded?
by Sp1ral July 12, 2010
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when your stridding your like riding high and you don't care about nothing but yet your the one with all the fame and everything and your the true nigguh who everyone knows and even though you don't act like the big show people just know who you are and what you do.
Nigguh I'm Stridding. high.

Dude1: "yo do you know who Steph is?"

Dude2: "ya man shes stridding to the big top."

Dude1: "yo i know, man she don't even care who she is."
by x3stepx3 July 08, 2010
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someone who has an extremly hot girlfriend who loves to fuck but chooses to hang out with his male friends instead
ryan is such a strid. why wont he hang out with erica tonight. instead of playing pick up football with us
by derreck erect and t.j. cali November 21, 2009
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Gronarnas was one day attacked by rods creation the wither the grons geared up and fought for hours on hours with explosions everywhere the goal was to protect the village until it was on its last hits everyone rushed but not L.bä and sander the wither exploded and killed everyone around it. loot from everyone was flying around and the last survivors L.bä and sander took the loot and rushed back to the village where david our god had resurrected everyone we gave back the loot and some hour later celebrated.
Have you ever heard of gronarnas strid the most known event in history.
by L.bä November 11, 2020
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Elias Petersson Strid is super hot and all the girls want him, he is the hotest boy in the school.
-Ey Elias Petersson Strid You are so hot.
- Thanks!
by EE ILLE October 10, 2019
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