Your everyday normal person, who is not medically retarded, but acts in a way that makes you think, "man, that dumbfuck is retarded!" Used as to not offend medically retarded people.
Man, that fucker almost hit my car pulling out of the parking lot, what the streetard!
by SuperdyDuperty August 1, 2018
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That kid is good at school but a streetard when it comes to real life
by Insta_vert October 29, 2015
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Used to describe a person without street smarts; i.e. lacking the common sense required to deal with the potential dangers of real life outside of school.
1: Sure, he gets straight A's and all, but he's extremely streetarded.
2: Damn.
by nyloisbroke February 28, 2020
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An extremely bad driver,or a retard of the road. Can be a steriotype, such as an old person, but not always.
Man , that streetard cut me off back there.
by 81halohunter September 9, 2010
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