a form of punk culture more associated with real punk (NOT afi and green day)bands, leather jackets are a staple of street punk fashion, aften adorned with pins,patches,studs and paintings of band logos. street punks typically are interested in all types of punk,'77, uk82 and oi!. tight stretch jean s, bondage pants,denim jackets with studs, pins and patches,doc martens,creepers, and converse are also commonly worn. street punk is now a term to describe real punks, who dont fit with mainstream society.Common hairstyles are ,short n spiky,mowhawks,liberty spikes, and buzzcuts. though punks may appear tough or dangerous. they are usually quite nice and open minded. punk is about doing your own thing.
uk 82 bands:gbh,exploited,abrasive wheels,adicts
77 bands: Germs,Slaughter & the dogs,Stiff little fingers,999
Oi!:Angelic Upstarts,Blitz,4 skins
street punk: casualties,cheap sex,lower class brats
by ultraviolence May 01, 2007
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Street punk is loud, fast, obnoxious, rude, angry, aggressive, and violent music. It's represented by a scene of kids who refuse to change or grow up. the fashion usually consists of denim/leather vests/jackets, studs, spikes,pins, patches, painted bands, boots, tight pants, camo pants, plaids or anything else that can appear absolutely absord. Hair styles can range anywhere from a blue mohawk, a bleached charge, a rainbow tri-hawk, or pretty much anything else that stands out. Street punks aren't pussy emo fags who whine all the time or cry when the government makes a decision. Their more concerned about going to the shows and getting drunk. Unity, staying young and usually a general hatred for normal society, rules, conformity and the expected life are key ideas related to this scene. Street punks will always stand up for themselves and their buddies, no matter the consequences (i.e. getting beat down by 40 kids or serving 5 years in jail).
Defiance, Oxymoron, Clit 45, Blanks 77, Cheap Sex, A global threat, the unseen, lower class brats, monster squad, action, are all street punk bands.

(kid and 10 friends approach a street punk)
Kid: Nice hair, faggot!
Street punk: What the fuck did you say?
Kid: I said nice...FUCK! (street punk knocks kid out and attackas all of his friends.)
by Flinchy November 29, 2007
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Street Punks were originally Punk, but now less 'punk' bands have taken over the term Punk.
Street Punks have mohawks, spiked hair, chains, peircings, Doc Martens, leather jackets and listen to bands like Oxymoron and The Casualties. The common symbol they were is the Anarchy Symbol and they are usually interested in politics.
"Wow those street punks look scary, and a bit like clowns, they probably wouldn't bash us though."
by Luisa R. Low October 01, 2004
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Street punk is the strongest form of punk today. Bands like The Unseen, A Global Threat, The Casualties, Cheap Sex, and Lower Class Brats play street punk. Street punk music is DIY, loud, fast, offensive, and often talks about the Street Punk scene, politics, or violence. Street punks tend to hate bands such as AFI, Greenday, and all those other non-DIY bands. The lifestyle of street punks is layed back, fun, and strong. Street punks tend to drink a lot of beer, except some. Street punks are also divided, slightly. Street punks tend to be the nicest and most accepting of the subsubcultures, as long as you conform with the most important issues. Street punks tend to dislike the other "punks." Street punks live punk to it's fullest, and believe in every aspect of old-school punk. Street punks often hate pop-punks (Sum41), skate "punks," (Greenday) modern-horror-punks (AFI) often because their music and conformity is different than what punk is supposed to be. (Sorry kids, but AFI isn't DIY, 3-chord, fast, and loud like punk is supposed to be...)

Street punks tend to wear Docs, hair, leather, plaid, bondage pants, patches, and other stuff like that. Although, if you ask any street punk they'll tell you that the clothes don't make them punk, the clothes are simply a sign that attracts unity and detracts unwanted people.
Street punk is: The Unseen, A Global Threat, The Casualties, Cheap Sex, and Lower Class Brats

Our lifestyle is: Sometimes drunk, layed back, fast, young
by Oi Punk April 07, 2005
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Street punk is a term used to define the genre of music. Street punk is usually loud, fast and offensive. street punks usually dress in bondage apparel,(bondage pants, belts and jackets)leather jackets painted bright colors or with band logos or phrases with spikes and studs, denim jackets(acid washed or not)adorned with spikes, studs, patches, pins, band shirts, tight or not, usually with the sleeves cut off. Many people look at these kids and they see criminals, and thugs. Though, if you get to befriend and get to know some street punks, they are fun and usually easy to get along with. Among many vices, alcohol is a big one. Street punks are usually mocked by crusty kids, hardcore kids, and emoes. Though, they usually fight back, because street punks don't take shit from anybody. Despite common belief, street punks aren't idiots. They are the kids of the street. Street punk is the place where they feel like they belong, usually because they feel like they are not part of mainstream society.
examples of street punk is the early Oi! movement. This movement was started because most kids were sick of the popular punk like the Sex Pistols(which all the rich kids loved, and made their trend). These kids felt alienated from mainstream society.
by pogo mcgee February 25, 2006
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