Someone in the NBA who is not useful for their team and only shoot bricks. E.g Anthony Davis
The starting power of the Lakers is street clothes man.
by jaeuchiha November 9, 2021
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What NBA players wear when they are sitting on the sidelines not actually being part of the team.
Stephon Marbury ain't doing nothing for the Knicks, he's just sitting on the side in his street clothes waiting to get paid.
by roc18 December 4, 2008
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After work I changed from my work clothes to my street clothes.
by GothicHarajuku January 26, 2011
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Street Dreams clothing was created for the people who are in the Streets hustling to make dreams come true.Its what the streets been missing.If your a corner block hustler or a 9-5 worker everyone has a dream,believe in the Street Dream.
Street Dreams Clothing
by truth45 September 22, 2009
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Hale Street clothing is about awareness, knowledge of self, and living your life with no regrets.
Hiphop Gear. Hale Street Clothing
by Professor AKA November 5, 2013
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