AKA Camping, a person (or persons) strategically placing themselves in a place or for the most part a video game.
Ex1: "Dude I was Strategically placed in the house the other day Ashley came over!"

Ex2: Dude1: "OMFG these f*ckers are camping near A!"
Dude2: "No they aren't they are just strategically placing themselves in the game!....Noob."
by Quentin w. February 7, 2011
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These are cows(as in the animal we eat)that have been placed by cattle ranchers strategically on large ranchlands to fertilize their fields. Also known as SPC's.
Look at all the Strategically Placed Cows, they're really doing a great job of fertilizing large expanses of Albertan prairie.
by astoriastory March 7, 2007
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When a person makes it a point to put high quality selfies on their Snapchat story in hopes that their potential date will see it and respond.

Can be shortened to "SPS" for efficiency purposes.
Do you think Eric's snap is an strategically placed selfie (SPS) for me?

I need to put up a strategically placed selfie (SPS) for Eric to see.
by DontTellEric June 28, 2017
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