Shark Punching Center

Overview: The Shark Punching Center (also known as the Selachian Punching Center, The Shark Punching Centre, Selachiosk Pungix Combin, among others) is an organization located in one or more parallel universes, apparently acting as an alternate-universe counterpart to the Foundation. While the Foundation has known of the Center for several decades, the structure, documentation, and general tone taken by the Shark Punching Center varies wildly, suggesting one or more universes are in a state of flux.

Documents pertaining to the Shark Punching Center have been recovered, and indicate a much more militaristic and unstable tone than a Foundation document. As the name would suggest, the SPC is mostly focused on furthering hand-to-hand combat as a means to neutralize selachian entities, though some documentation fails to differentiate between "selachian" and "aquatic".

It is unclear if the Shark Punching Center has any knowledge or concern of or with Foundation activities.
05-█ : "Have you heard about SPC foundation?"
Dr. ██████ : "No"
05-█ : "Good"
by ReallyHappyPotato April 16, 2021
South Park Center. mentioned by gangster cartman in the "cartman's mom is a dirty slut" episode when he thinks chef is his father.
cartman: i was just down in the SPC, kickin' it with some G's on the west side
kyle: you live on the east side fatass!
by MichaelJackson August 19, 2006
small pink cock, the antithesis of the popular bbc (big black cock)
Person: Go slurp a bbc
Other person: No thanks, I prefer spc
by QuackTaco November 5, 2018
SPC or Six Pack Crew is the most hardcore crew in surrey, perhaps even southern england. do not mess with the SPC because they are fucking tonk and wil not hesistate to pay a little visit to your house at night with petrol and crowbars if u piss them off.

Currently consists of only a few member, the oldest and baddest of these being the founders.

There are three founders, all ledgends in their own right....

ANDERSON - Issit blad im in da SPC
G - OMDZ skeen blad, can i be init?
BELL - Na blad u isnt bere tonk

Are you in the SPC?
No, im not tonk enough.....

What is the SPC?
DUhhh SIX PACK CREW, they will kill you for that kind of ignorance.
by BELL - ANDERSON - FRASER December 6, 2006
Can be defined as a Saggy Pussy Clitoris, Super Pussy Cum, or Super Penis Cumshot.
yo man i thought this chick would be so hawt but she had an SPC.
by LGP February 22, 2010
1) Man I'm still stuck in the Spc

2) Oh That totally Sucks
by KaylaBarbie November 15, 2014
A person who claims to be poor by shopping at goodwill but lives in a mansion and secretly wears lululemon and Adidas NMDs
That fake hobo over there is such an SPC
by spc555 November 6, 2017