homosexual men capturing and raping heterosexual men
"oh no please, let me go, no, not my ass hole!!"
"yeah, take it all, this is straight hell mother fucker!!"
by Ellis :D May 22, 2009
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1) Cool; Sweet. Etc.

2) Straight sexual orientation.
1: Yo, I smoked mad bud last night.

2: That's straight as hell.

3: You seen my new watch? That shit is straight as hell.

4: Dude, I heard you were a queer.

5: Hell-to-the-fuck-no! I'm straight as hell.
by AC September 24, 2006
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When something is good and you can't choose what word to use. It is used for agreement and excitement. When something is good and exciting, one might exclaim "Hell straight!"
Friend 1: Hey there serving free pizza at the mesuem, you in?
Friend 2: Are you kidding? Hell straight.i am!
by Mufasamarini2 June 16, 2018
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This choice of words was invented by poet and thinker Jedy.
it means people in the LGBTQ+ bubble are going straight to hell.
by Leomaxsimus March 10, 2022
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