When straight people are so insecure in their sexuality that they need to prove it to the entire world with T-shirts, flags, parades, Facebook groups, etc. In reality, none of this is necessary because every day is straight pride day and 90% of the population is straight; therefore there is no danger in being heterosexual. Rather, it is quite mundane and expected of people, and in most societies, things that are normal are not celebrated but simply accepted.
If gay people have pride, why shouldn't straight people have it too? We deserve straight pride! We're repressed and we don't have rights, and we get killed and beat up and bullied every day for being heterosexual! And we deal with self-hatred over our sexuality too! And 40% of us have attempted suicide because we can't deal with how straight we are, and not only that, we're four times as likely to try to kill ourselves when we're teenagers! Oh wait....
by Grow up everybody February 7, 2013
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When straight cisgender people -- sometimes even allies -- don't understand the reasons behind LGBTQ+ pride and then come to the conclusion that because a highly oppressed minority has a month that they can feel proud of themselves for being themselves, that cishets should too.
"Hey, why isn't there straight pride? I mean, we deserve love too!"
"But everyone knows that you deserve love. Pride is because LGBTQ+ people have been shamed and killed, even today."
by Have a Kit-Kat June 17, 2021
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The month for people to celebrate Heterosexuality. Although, it can be enjoyed by LGBT people too.
I can’t wait! Straight Pride Month is here! I can fuck a lotta bitches!
by GDZ June 16, 2022
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Heterosexuals confine themselves to a small portion of a town or city so that gays can have a nice time in the rest of the town.

A day marked by a parade that resembles a funeral procession.

A horrible experiment where straight people realize that there's no such thing as a "parade" without gay people.
Lisa: I'm going to the straight pride parade tomorrow. Are you coming?

Barbara: No. I'm going to take advantage of the absence of straight people by having a romantic picnic in the park with my girlfriend.

Joe: Hey, Greg, can you help us with the float for our straight pride parade?

Greg: No. I want to see if straight people can manage to put together a parade without the help of any gay people.
by Jules88 January 8, 2012
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Straight Pride Month is the month of July, as of July being national awareness for specific STD’s it is only appropriate for the Straight Pride Month to be on July
Hey bro happy Straight Pride Month” said the very straight man

“It’s Straight Pride Month, time to have sexual relations with a lot of women”
by MrWakatashi June 23, 2021
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The equivalent to “if they can have it, why can’t I?”
In a southern accent “Hey Reid, you ready to go to straight pride month?”
by Kazuichi souda kinnie January 29, 2021
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Also known as heterosexual pride month, straight pride takes place in August to give time to recover from june or gay pride month.
by ♀️♂️ July 11, 2021
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