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When straight people are so insecure in their sexuality that they need to prove it to the entire world with T-shirts, flags, parades, Facebook groups, etc. In reality, none of this is necessary because every day is straight pride day and 90% of the population is straight; therefore there is no danger in being heterosexual. Rather, it is quite mundane and expected of people, and in most societies, things that are normal are not celebrated but simply accepted.
If gay people have pride, why shouldn't straight people have it too? We deserve straight pride! We're repressed and we don't have rights, and we get killed and beat up and bullied every day for being heterosexual! And we deal with self-hatred over our sexuality too! And 40% of us have attempted suicide because we can't deal with how straight we are, and not only that, we're four times as likely to try to kill ourselves when we're teenagers! Oh wait....
by Grow up everybody February 07, 2013
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Its okay to be straight and proud.....but if you show your hateful of gays, then its wrong. People who follow straight pride are under the belief that everything gay is wrong/sick/against god/evil.....even though, HOMOSEXUALITY, AND BISEXUALITY, are totally normal. Normally these people will attack gays and attack anything that is seen to advocate the belief, "its okay if your gay." Not all straight people are intolerant fucks like the crazy fucks running around saying "STRAIGHT PRIDE!! FUCK THE QUEERS!!" As said before.....ITS OKAY TO BE STRAIGHT AND PROUD, AS LONG AS YOU ARENT A BIGGOT.
Gay person(GREG): Hey bob, whuts uhp....?

Straight person (BOB):Nothing much.....hey whu-

Straight person 2 (GARY): Bob, ur really talking to that fag greg? hey greg, STRAIGHT PRIDE!!!!

Gay person(GREG): got STRAIGHT PRIDE every day, we get our pride once a year...

Straight person (BOB): Gary quit being an intolerant fuck......get out....
by xjckf2enifbwedvNOVACAIN XXXX December 09, 2009
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The pride in which one shows for displaying HIS heterosexuality and female conquests; the true call of society and nature
There's alot of straight pride at that wet T-shirt contest
by fagtanic September 25, 2006
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The celebration of one's heterosexuality. It is not a bigoted or intolerant thing to proclaim-it is simply stating the truth, that you are straight and not ashamed of that fact. Modern society has come to look down upon the mainstream as being unwilling to accept those who are different; in doing so, it has itself become unwilling to accept those who make up the majority. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual, there is nothing wrong with being bisexual, and there is nothing wrong with being heterosexual.

Has the gay/lesbian/bi/transgender population been oppressed throughout history? Yes. Does that give said segment of society the right to point fingers and call names? No. They are displaying the very same actions they claim to be against. Their activism in supporting their own rights has gained them much in recent decades, but the lengths they have gone to to demean the heterosexual community as being closeminded has taken away some of the credibility they had as a social movement.
There is nothing wrong with being heterosexual, and to deny us the right to be proud of our way of life is to press upon us the same injustice that was for so many years laid upon the homosexual/bisexual/transgender community. If equality is really what you are aiming for, why not acknowledge that heterosexuals can be happy with the lifestyle choices they have made? Straight pride is no more bigoted and exclusive than gay pride, and it was never meant to be.
by straightandproud November 11, 2009
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The perfect and normal answer to ‘gay pride.’ The homosexual agenda forces a ‘gay pride day’ every year in June. By contrast, Straight Pride happens every day, 365/24/7.

The building block of Western civilization has been the Nuclear Family. People who celebrate Straight Pride, like billions of others living out our 'lifestyle,' believe that family, morals, and pro-creation are the backbone of our well-being.

People that wear Straight Pride t-shirts or organize Straight Pride rallies are attacked by homosexual activists and sometimes even censored under the false charge of intolerance. How can it be intolerant to celebrate normalcy?
Every day of the year is Straight Pride Day. Every day of the year is fag shame day.
by J Stevens September 26, 2006
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The sense of superiority that a non-gay (usually Christian) person has when he thinks he is able to "overcome" his non-existent homosexual tendencies that he feels is offensive.
The homophobic pastor was parading his straight pride again, causing more LGBTQIA people to commit suicide or be expelled from homes onto the streets, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
by Chromatochristian September 26, 2015
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A reasonable and intelligent response to the sexual deviant agenda of pushing sexual deviance down the throats of society, showing perverts and deviants that good honest decent people are more proud of being normal than they have of being harmful to society.
Straight Pride is needed to stop the sickos from pushing their agenda.
by Drake_ June 14, 2017
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