When someone posts some boring ass stuff and you wanna call them out. No one likes Tik Tok, your memes aren’t funny anymore.
Generic meme account: *posts some boring tik tok/meme*
Literally Everyone: Straight face gang wya
by Videotaped iron April 15, 2019
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They were the ones on that cooking and lifestyle show that came on the news every morning. I always wondered if they were really as serious as they looked and sounded on TV all the time, even when no cameras were pointed at them, or whether they turned into gangsters or vampires at night when there were no cameras looking. You could tell by the way they looked and sounded that they wanted people to take them seriously.
The straight face gang is going to teach people how to live the good life today, and they know everything there is to know about what food goes with what lifestyle.
by Solid Mantis November 19, 2021
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