As a feeling, being straight fire is when you're on the up and up, dropping low with your homies, making that dough, spitting that game, you know, ordinary hood shit.

When referring to an object, place, or event, straight fire means that its top notch, better than the rest, just mad niggerish in general, right up my alley.
How have you been? Straight Fire recently.

Man that club last night was straight fire, those bitches were jockin' on me so hard.
by downtime21 November 9, 2010
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adj. Anything that is so good that makes you trip over yourself so bad that you think you are on something.
(Awesome, Cool, etc.)
Usually a lot of emphasis on Fire
Yo bro, that party last night was straight FIRE!

Man, that album is straight fire.
by Sex Out South July 11, 2008
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Straight fire is a common Aussie slang. It's used to describe something/someone so unperceivably hot, that just saying hot doesn't do justice. In order for someone/something to be straight fire, the majority of your squad must agree with it. Fire emoji is a good synonym of straight fire.
Random hot girl - Hey Vin

Vin - Damn girl, looking straight fire 🔥🔥
Random hot girl - what

Vin - what

The whole squad - Oi boys, check this girl out.. fuck I swear she is straight fire, holyyyyy

Jordo - Nah mate, I have seen better
by DaddyMacCactus February 9, 2017
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The strongest kinda bud you can get your hands on

makes your lungs burn
damn that was some straight fire we smoked last night

yo i herd mac freezy got that straight fire
by Andrew November 28, 2004
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When someone starts hating on prom committee's decisions.
Did you see Michael's post? He was spitting straight fire!
by Cheezwizzzz March 1, 2017
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When music is way too lit and just amazing
Yo that song lil pump just dropped is straight up fire.
by J O J O January 4, 2018
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Means rather stupendously amazing or 10/10
that food was straight jackson fire blazer
by mya the god February 20, 2021
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