Short form of sthothiram which is used as a greeting between christians tamils in various places of tamil nadu, india, mostly used by ex-christians and atheists
Hey happie, stots!
Halo tobina, stots!
by tobisan May 25, 2021
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when an animal jumps upwards with all four legs simultaneously.
"Do not die until you've seen a large black poodle stotting in the snow."
by GSpot13 March 09, 2010
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North east. Very very drunk. To stott is to throw at or bounce off. Stotting describes the staggering drunk using a wall to support himself on his way home.
I had a great night last night, I was stotting.
by Dee Diesel September 16, 2013
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another word for idiot i.e stot brain
larry: oi can you believe what stot just said

barry: yeah what a massive stot brain
by gman42322212 June 04, 2009
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