Someone that appears attractive from a distance whom upon further inspection turns out to be totally hot often causing others to stop and marvel at their beauty and/or hotness.

The term is derived from the motions of which you would take when approaching a stop sign in a car. You slow down to check said person out and when you come to the conclusion that they are indeed worth the effort you come to a complete stop and approach.

The opposite of a speedbump.
Rick: Man, Trey, Joe and I ran over at least 5 speedbumps today
Trey: That sucks for you cause it looks like I'm pulling up to a Stopsign right now.
by J--Mac August 6, 2007
A supervisor at TCAT in Ithaca, StopSign is known for hiding (in a wannabee cop car Chevy Impala) to catch a TCAT bus not coming to a FULL and COMPLETE stop at all stop signs. Matters not if this stop sign is at an intersection that has a traffic count of 5 cars per day. Doesn't matter tho - the drivers text each oghter with StopSign's location!!! Also known for correcting himself by saying "as you were" on the 2 way radio. Most would say "correction". Not StopSign! A former army private who also got fired from his last job at a school district. Definiely fat in the administative budget that needs to be fired - yet again!
"StopSign near Campus Rd. and East Ave."
by Driver 000 May 27, 2007
kirsten, incredibly ugly and face is deformed like a stopsign. and is beat up or scared everywhere. and has unusually large feet.
"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW gross everytime i see stopsign it makes me want to vomit."
by AUSTIN HUNT #21 February 26, 2005
When you're banging a hot chick and you realize it's an old tranny.
Dude I was banging this hot chick last night.

You were banging a Rusty Stopsign.
by Wankmaster95 December 1, 2015
A traffic light that turns red and stays red when there is no one in sight coming from any direction. Treat as a stop sign and keep going.
-Pulls up to traffic light-
"Why the fuck is the light red? There's no one anywhere in sight.."
-Runs said traffic light-
"Damn Red Light Stopsign, now i'm going to be 6 seconds later then I would have been..."
by MamimiSamejima September 5, 2005
I ran her stopsign last night.

I totally ran that bitches stop sign last night and it was mad good.
by Kromsgay December 1, 2006