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A group of the most opinionated, amazing, chill, aggressive, hungry, caring, back talking, bong ripping & joint hitting stoners in the whole world.

Also known as SU.
Lighter flick Stoners United.
Rdy SU?
by Summer Leena April 11, 2009
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A group of people who sit on stickam, fearing having to actually socialize with people they don't meet online first. The average member suffers from anxiety disorders, antisocial behavior, pedophilia, self-righteousness, paranoia, and S.M.S.
Hey, did you herar mike had to stop collecting unemployment so he moved out to California so he could hang out with his internet friends on Stoners United?
by gnomedome September 12, 2009
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Stoners who get stoned on webcam then stare at eachother endlessly
"Hey mang, rips?" "Oh yeah phil, that sounds so great!.. ooh yea..." (bong rips.... bubble bubble) *Awkward silence....

by 0bommababy! April 30, 2009
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