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Any burns substained to your fingers typically being the thumb during the act of smoking cannabis due to the way the light is held. The smoker typically does not care or feel the burn so they continue to burn the cannabis and their thumb.
"Dude I was so high this weekend I got wicked stoner's Thumb"

"Guy1: Bro I think you got stoner's Thumb!
Guy2: Dude Just pass the bong"
by Reno-Sean October 24, 2008
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A thumb with a tough, dry, outer layer of skin due to any outside force, usually a slight breeze, blowing or moving the flame from a lighter onto the thumb, yielding a tempoary burning thumb and often leaving the thumb tough to the touch.

"Fuck, your car's A/C is giving me stoner's thumb, nig."

"I had a tough time lighting my bowl with that damn wind giving me stoner's thumb."
by Teepo December 11, 2005
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After lighting so many bowls, flicking your bic' starts to rub your thumb raw.
I got stoner's thumb after using that crappy lighter that kept not lighting. Stoners Thumb.
by Authentic_Ginger April 01, 2011
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