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After having smoked so much weed, that you giggle for a while, and then eat a lot and then went to bed.
where were you while we were getting high?
by alex December 05, 2003
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a state where a person wants 2 piss but doesnt have the courage to get up from the floor.
i got stoned after a blunt n wsnt able to get up for an hour.
by babanash June 27, 2006
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The stage of smoked up between high and ripped.
'I'm a fuckin airplane, man, I can see the trees below me' is usually uttered between periods of staring at houseplants and making brnyard noises.
by Justin October 14, 2003
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the ultimate state of mind when u realize the world is out to get you, ur walkin all over ur house lookin for sum food, stare off into space thinkin a dragon just ate ur friend, found a dollar on the floor n screamed like crazy cuz u think ur a millionaire, think chocolate milk is like an orgy in ur mouth, start talkin in a british accent, sometimes u dont even realize ur talkin at all, u rant to ur friends bout how an orange is the mort complex thing in the world, u wanna lie down just for a sec n end up fallin asleep but wake up with the words "sex hole" on your face with an arrow pointed to ur mouth...

good times
"if the world is out to get you, just lie bak n light up a blunt"

"lifes a dud, smoke sum bud" -my homies words-

"i wanna make marry jane my wife" -evry1s words-

"live life to the fullest, just get stoned"

"im gonna wake n bake"
by smokedaplant April 17, 2010
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high on marijuana, typically with bloodshot eyes, an increase in appetite and a tendency toward laughter for no apparent reason.
"I'm stoned from all these bong hits!"
by El Toastero December 26, 2005
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