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To dominate a Step Competition by clapping, stomping, and making noise on the body to make a beat with a whole group of people. Mostly with Black Sor. and Frats.
Delta Sigma Theta will Stomp the Yard better than anyone else and win the Step Competition.
by Mojo Maniac July 10, 2008
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A phrase used in Foursquare to describe the act of "stomping" the ball with your foot after the ball has hit the square resulting in the elimination of the receiver of the yard stomp.

Stomping the yard is the same thing as "snaking", except your foot is used as opposed to your hand.
Ahhh man can he really Stomp the Yard!
by Beatrice Jean June 3, 2011
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While performing anal sex, doggy style, you swing your leg over the shoulder and back of the person getting rammed and commence to stomping on the face. This can be one long solid stomp or many short stomps. Make it yours, see what works for you and have fun with it. This move can be performed with any gender or animal combination you can conjure up. You might want to stretch first
I went to the IHOP and stomp the yard last night. IT WAS AMAZING!
by Elliott Garza February 16, 2009
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In football, when a fourth down results in a turnover and the distance to a first down was exactly one yard, every now and then one player on the team that lost possession will lose their head and won't let it go. The player delivers a late hit to the opponent who made the turnover, removes his helmet and places his head on the football and tells him to bite the ball. The player then proceeds to stomp directly on the back of the opponents head, causing a forfeit of teeth. Usually, the player who loses it was the one who lost the ball, but not always.
Oh no, somebody call an ambulance, Armani Louweney is about to stomp the yard and Johnny Lathits is going to need serious medical attention, possibly a death certificate and obituary.
by Solid Mantis September 26, 2016
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One of the stupidest phrases known to the English language. Yard is a derivative of grass and makes hardly any noise when stomped on.
Stop saying "stomp the yard" Tim, it's stupid.
by Tinky2020 April 9, 2020
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Strutting in your boots with a little bit of a heel; commanding attendion.
"Yeah, I be stompin' the yard in deez boots."

"Did you see that girl stomp the yard?"
"No, what kind of boots was she wearing?"
by parellz February 20, 2010
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