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A verb used to describe the past action of having been seduced by the professional rower and olympian Matthew Stoltz. The word is aptly applied to and female (or male) who has fallen prey to his charm, good looks, and unbridled wit, only to later find out they were nothing more than a transient tool to satisfy his narcissistic and insatiable sexual appetite.
Girl: "Yea, I know Matt really well. We dated for a week a few months ago."
Boy: "haha! You THINK you dated him.. You just got Stoltzed!"
by Matthew Loftus January 25, 2008
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Getting jerked around, backstabbed, cheated and disrespected, and then being expected to just take it in stride. Named after actor Eric Stoltz, who originally was cast as Marty McFly in "Back to the Future", but after a few weeks was fired and replaced with Michael J. Fox. All of the scenes already filmed with Stoltz were remade with Fox, and Stoltz never got a role that important ever again. Although it can be argued that Fox was a major part of the success of the movie, Eric Stoltz was screwed over and treated like crap by director Robert Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg. To get "Stoltzed" is to get backstabbed by somebody you used to respect.
Veteran teacher: " They gave my classroom to the new guy and took Honors Chemistry away from me. Now I'm teaching Earth Science in an unequipped lab with all the kids who flunked out last year. I don't like this new principal, she Stoltzed me."
by griff the great September 23, 2015
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